Gamer’s do not “get” NFT, according to Ubisoft

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Gamer’s do not “get” NFT, according to Ubisoft

Even though Ubisoft has only put its toes into the so-called NFT with the project Ubisoft Quartz, the French game company is already submerged. Although many players and industry experts express their skepticism and alarm over the phenomenon, many are simply viewed as the latest monetization method for game companies.

According to Nicolas Pouard, VP of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovations Lab, there is absolutely no reason to be alarmed. Instead, he feels the sentiment will change when players “get” the benefits of the NFT.

According to Nicolas Pouard, “I think gamers don’t understand the value of a digital secondary market. “For the time being, gamers believe that NFTs are both a threat to the planet and a speculative tool due to the existing state of affairs. Ubisoft, on the other hand, is focused on the final product. Once a player has done using their things or the game itself, the final goal is to allow them to be resold. So, it’s actually for the people who are going to use it. It has a significant positive impact. They don’t understand it right now.”

Although we have no idea why NFT was established, we gamers may take comfort in the fact that we are always right, even if we don’t comprehend it.

“Every time, players are correct. Because they’re our guys and we care about them. They’re the reason we’re here. They are therefore invariably correct “before explaining why we don’t comprehend anything in the interview, Nicolas Pouard stated.

Because of this, it is not always clear what is going on. The very possibility of reselling skins and items often leads to the creation of a speculative black market, as we’ve seen with CS: GO, even if one accepts the presumption that investing in NFT and crypto-currency is not driven by speculation (which they are, in large part, due to their low practicality). It appears that Ubisoft is now attempting to monopolize that market. When fake scarcity can be managed from a central server, why bother with a decentralized Blockchain in the first place? It’s possible the corporation could get into legal and tax trouble as a result of this plan.

Even if “gamers don’t understand what a secondary economy may bring them,” there may still be some validity in the assertion

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