Fractionalized NFTs

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Imagine being able to purchase a portion of the iconic artwork “Mona Lisa,” rather than the entire picture (who would have the money for that, too?) However, it is only a fraction of a fraction. Is it anything you’re interested in? With the advent of NFTs, this is now a theoretical possibility. Want to know more?

Many cryptocurrency users are increasingly banding together in DAOs that specialize in purchasing NFTs in order to obtain exposure. The YouTuber and megastar MRBeast was instrumental in the creation of one of the first decentralized autonomous organizations (, which now has liquid capital in excess of $7 million. Although fractionalized NFTs have only been available for a few months, I believe this area will develop at an astronomical rate in the next months due to the numerous advantages of purchasing a component rather than the entire thing. One of the advantages is increased liquidity, which is only one of the advantages. While the crypto community is enthusiastically purchasing Bored Apes and CryptoPunks, such six- and seven-figure NFTs are out of reach for the majority of crypto investors and traders. However, unlike conventional artworks, it is possible to fractionalize an NFT, dividing it into several (cheaper) bits that may be purchased by those who are less fortunate than the artist.

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Posted by Alex Vartmann
Web3 guru, and enjoys sugary liquorice.