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Early financial education prepares children for adulthood.

Adventures with Zeee Dollars is a mobile AR application that helps kids save money by earning and saving Zeee bucks.

Adventures with Zeee Bucks was created by Buck in cooperation with Ally Bank. It follows Emma, an industrious young woman who wants to save money and reward herself. You two discuss financial literacy.

Emma isn’t the only character children encounter. Emma’s buddies will urge gamers to go over budget.

The app leverages AR to create an interactive environment where kids can tap the screen to bring Emma to life and hear her financial advice. Each lesson includes interesting stories that enable students explore diverse circumstances. Learning should be entertaining!

Imagine an interactive storybook that teaches youngsters about financial responsibility using AR animation. No more money lectures!

Kids’ first engagement with money is usually spending, which they understand. Parents should have the necessary tools to assist children learn about spending.

Saving promotes discipline, delayed gratification, goal-setting, and preparation. All of these activities help youngsters become more autonomous as they develop.

Having a piggy bank helps achieve all of these aim

Ally Bank will send your kids a package including a piggy bank, pretend money, and information about earning and saving when you download the app. Using actual money is OK.

Adventures with Zeee Bucks helps youngsters build financial skills for adulthood. The iOS and Android app is free today.

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