FC Barcelona introduces debut NFT collection

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FC Barcelona has announced the unveiling of the first piece of non-fungible token (NFT) artwork in the history of the football club. The piece is a reproduction of Johan Cruyff’s memorable stadium moment that occurred in December 1973.

The club, in conjunction with BCN Visuals, the digital firm that was responsible for developing the NFT’s style, has produced the NFT, which has been given the title “In a Way, Immortal.”

The NFT, which will be live auctioned at Sotheby’s New York on July 29 alongside four other NFTs, recreates Cruyff’s iconic moment when the iconic Dutch player “flew” through the air to score a seminal goal against Atl├ętico Madrid goalkeeper Miguel Reina. The goal was scored against Reina, who was the goalkeeper for Atl├ętico Madrid.

In addition to receiving the piece of artwork, the purchaser of this NFT will also be given a range of advantages and experiences related to VIP clubs, and they will be given the title of Barca Digital Ambassador.

People shared their thoughts and responses to the debut on various social media platforms, with one person commenting, “Keep inventing and pushing the boundaries.” Whoever hates, let them hate. Visca Barca!”

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Posted by Alex Vartmann
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