Exclusive interview with Peruvian #NFT artist Isaacazo!

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In my work as a journalist and writer, I have spoken to a number of artists. Like all other people, they are all different, but at the same time, there is something that unites them … Passion, vulnerability, and honesty.

I had the great pleasure of talking to the Peruvian artist Isaac Marroquín, who is a bit of a multi-artist. He works with wood, and he has almost a divine ability to shape the wood so that there are useful things left, which can almost be called art.

In addition, he works with colors and now he has thrown himself over NFTs and has gradually begun to create unique works over blockchain.

I think you should make yourself a cup of coffee, and then enjoy this conversation that I had with him.

If you want to bid on his art, you can send him a DM or go to OpenSea

Tell us a little about yourself?

Well, my name is Isaac Marroquín Denegri-Cornejo, IMDC, my nicknames are Isaacazo, Izzy, … I am a publicist, I work as a creative writer, basically generating ideas and solutions, I also develop as a designer, creating wooden pieces or whatever. can do at this time. I have a lot of design skills, which always help me stay afloat and do my jobs better. In addition to the art project with drawings, I have a musical project in progress in which I sing; and another in which he made decorative pieces with wood and other materials. I like to surf, play soccer and rugby, I like to disassemble, create and hallucinate things that have not happened yet, but only for a few seconds since I always try to keep my feet on the ground to be able to have a base from which I can take momentum and keep moving forward.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I think I have always made art, more than all drawings, I have very few records of the beginning since they were lost in moving, I could say that I started in the ’90s with private classes … From 2003 to 2015 I drew very sporadically since my mind I was trying to escape the pain of my mother’s death and some other problems that affected my stability, I was focused on my daily work and trying to enjoy life, but it was just an easy way out of facing reality. At first the inspiration came as isolated bursts of loose ideas, existential thoughts, reflections on life, love illusions, ideas that he captured in the air, while walking, or contemplated the emptiness of things, abstract and deformed things, isolated from each other. without a definite meaning. Once I faced the loss of my mother I had a resolution, that I had been running for many years from the pain of the loss, and I had blocked many emotions, which I wanted to understand and assimilate to improve and find again stability and north to which directing myself, as a result of these experiences, is where I use drawing as a way to register emotions and sensations in order to be able to put myself back together, trying to understand the emotions of the events that I lived through. I tried to make a constant method to register all the emotions, encrypting them in the strokes I made, perhaps it was also a way to download everything incomprehensible and at the same time lose the fear of showing something of mine to the public. My inspiration is the result of my experiences, emotions, and feelings, good things, bad things, and frustrations, the idea is to be able to translate the necessary pieces to understand the puzzle of my life, perhaps inspiration is the strength I need to be able to make this trip. Although I must admit that sometimes there are experiences that leave you blank for a long time, floating adrift at the mercy of the inertia of the current.

Can you tell us how and when you saw NFTs?

The truth is this is new for me, it is a showcase to see the world and show it mine, and at the same time, a shortcut to free myself from social ties and obligations. I just started to inform myself about all this movement seriously this year, with the idea of ​​overcoming my stage fright and being able to create something real, such a thing is an illusion, but for the moment it is a space to be how I want and shows myself how I want to the world, without social, political, religious conflicts, where money goes to second or third place.

Isaac Marroquín Denegri-Cornejo, IMDC, Aka Isaacazo

What benefits do NFTs bring you as an artist?

I believe that it gives all of us the opportunity to be really how we want to be, without social criticism or their obligations affecting it, it is a way of hacking the system and communicating, eliminating appearances and at the same time making art a profitable way of life, it is an opportunity which we must risk and take.

What projects are you working on right now?

Right now I have 3 projects at the same time, one of music, with demos and many songs; another of product creation, utilitarian pieces of decoration with design and style; and the art one where I am polishing some pieces in order to present them in the correct way. The drawing is continuous, I work on it almost daily. What I am focused on now is creating a comfortable order for me, finding the cornerstone that makes me lift the world and catapults me, I am looking for startup support through the NFTs, which eliminated my debts and allows me to focus on continuing. developing my potential, and at the same time learning to control fear to shine.

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