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By chance, I came across a new exciting NFT project, which immediately caught my attention. Not least because the artist is from Russia and is a Women’s Activist who will donate to charities that focus on women’s empowerment and agency, it simply sounded like an exciting project. I was so lucky to get the people behind it to speak. So welcome to Mystical Girls Club

What’s this project about, and how is it unique?

Xecaith: We’ve found that in the NFT space, there aren’t a lot of feminine-leaning artworks at all. We wanted to change that. We tried to balance the scale of the type of art that is available. Mystic Girls Club is the outcome of this, and we wanted to have cute girls winning your heart regardless of your gender. Each Mystic Girl is generated from a pool of 110+ traits, some rarer than others. There will be only 10000 Mystic Girls in total. We also wanted to give back to the community by donating to charities that focus on women’s empowerment and agency.

Tell us about yourself? We want to know the artist.

Melancye: My name is Daria! I’m from a small town in Russia that’s called Yakutsk. It’s one of the coldest places in the world. So yeah, It’s been hard sometimes, but I’ve found myself being ME through art! I adore it, maybe I’m not doing it very often, but I still think of it as a part of myself. Recently, I figured out that I love doing art to make people happy, or maybe not just comfortable, but something different(like sad, haha). It’s just communicating through art.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Melancye: My inspiration comes mostly from my emotional experiences! But it also comes from music and photography. If I feel like drawing something aesthetically beautiful, I will remove the way I see it- cute and colorful. But sometimes, I get super overwhelmed by emotions, so I unconsciously remember all the photos and music I saw lately and display it through my art. So yeah…my inspiration comes from life in general and the beauty of it.

Can you tell us how and when you caught sight of NFTs?

Lustrumi: I heard about NFT just a couple of months ago when Cryptopunks got in the news. Since then, I’ve spent countless hours reading articles, listening to podcasts, and learning everything about it. I am especially learning how to launch NFT projects and the technicalities. Coming from a traditional web2 background, it is a lot of fun learning a whole new paradigm.

What benefits do NFTs give you as an artist?

The world of NFTs gives multiple benefits to artists. Firstly, it drives demand towards art by providing a niche space that people are interested in. I also appreciate that creators can ensure they can receive a percentage of future resales and the bidding transparency—especially the former, as this is very different from the usual art space. Once artwork is sold typically, the deal is done and dusted. The artist will receive no money from the resale of their work.

What projects are you working on?

Lustrumi: Aside from the MGC project, our team is also working on https://transcended.art. A fully on-chain generative art project that will launch very soon. Please take a look if you like abstract shapes art!

We say many thanks for their time, and remember to go in and follow them on Twitter.

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