Ever wished you could build a Video Game?

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Ever wished you could build a Video Game? Me too, so let’s do it together! Grab your AVATAR and Help Up Build a FREAKIN VIDEO GAME!

This is how Koingames, a tiny game development company, begins their sales pitch, and what a fantastic project! When the author of this essay was a little lad, he sat and drew and coded small games on his old Windows XP, and I recall thinking: “How cute!” However, koingame’s new NFTs project looks to be able to achieve this. Because it could not be nice to be a part of the game you play and to own a piece of it? This is precisely what you are capable of here.

When You Buy 1 of our 5,555 hands drawn, randomly assembled, 1 of 1 Avatar, you will be joining the VIDEO GAME DEV SQUAD, a Community of both Experts & Fans that have teamed up to Build a PLAY2EARN Blockchain Game Together!

Koingames is a game studio in the  PLAY-2-EARN movement, with the vision to create original and enjoyable player-owned blockchain games.

Our goal is to build player governed cryptocurrency economies. To develop games that provide our players with the ability to OWN, SELL, and TRADE every single Asset they Earn or Unlock in our Games! Our in-game assets will have verifiable scarcity and an integrated secondary market to make trading and selling extremely simple and easy!

Every member of the Koin Games family has a passion for gaming and blockchain, and we consider it a privilege to work closely with our players and community to build something special. We want to invite you to join the

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Posted by Alex Vartmann
Web3 guru, and enjoys sugary liquorice.