Effects of The Ethereum Merge – Part 3

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Make yourself a cup of coffee and continue to find out more information on the network of the future! Metaverse News has brought you here with a five-part series about the effects of The Merge.

Reduced use of the electricity that is available
It is anticipated that the deployment of PoS would bring about a significant cutback in the total amount of power that is used by the Ethereum network. In addition to this, this ensures that the friendliness toward the environment will continue to advance in a positive direction. Proof-of- In this respect, Stake has a discernible benefit, which may be advantageous to the reputation of Ethereum.

The word “merge” refers to nothing more than the choice made by block validators to generate a new block based on a changed consensus mechanism. This is the only thing that the term “merge” may refer to in a strict sense (Proof of Stake).
This modification to the code will only have an effect on the Ethereum protocol; other aspects of Ethereum, such as individual applications, will remain unaffected. Since Merge does not have any influence whatsoever on Layer 2 blockchains or DeFi protocols, none of these can be deemed affected since Merge does not affect them.

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Posted by Alex Vartmann
Web3 guru, and enjoys sugary liquorice.