Early stages of metaverse development

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Aitken, Chief Marketing Officer at Ethernity Chain, a non-profit project that auctions off verified artwork, told GoBankingRates that we are in the early stages of metaverse development, similar to the Myspace era of the rise of social media platforms and that we are in the early stages of metaverse development.

According to Aitken, “With big brands such as Samsung embracing the Decentraland metaverse and employing NFT-utility to monetize assets across the blockchain while also increasing engagement for customers and followers, a whole new audience is certain to invest in metaverse platforms.” “Furthermore, investors should pay special attention to initiatives such as The Sandbox, with which Ethernity just announced a partnership to bring its library of world-class licenses to its platform, thereby expanding the audience base of the metaverse ecosystem.”

He went on to say that believers in NFT utility and metaverse initiatives, as well as speculative investors, will invest in the projects during the next months.

“Those might very well turn out to be solid investments in the long run, but I would keep expectations low for 2022.” “I believe that significant changes will occur in this sector between 2023 and 2024,” he said.

Because huge brands and big tech businesses are taking note of the metaverse’s potential and usefulness, Zach Friedman, CEO of digital asset trading firm Secure Digital Markets, told GOBankingRates that he, too, believes the metaverse will continue to grow in popularity in 2018.

In order to position themselves for the future, these organizations are concentrating on a digital ‘land grab.'” Facebook’s “Meta” platform has been a powerful motivator for growth and development in the broader market so far, and the attitude is extremely upbeat, with new initiatives and secondary markets gaining traction at an alarming rate, according to Friedman.

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