Dubai legal firm creates virtual headquarters in the metaverse

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Alexander Brexendorff fell in love with the Middle East 25 years ago. Soon after discovering the UAE, he made Dubai his home. As a lawyer, he loved helping people build up enterprises and navigate the law. He co-founded a Middle East boutique law business in the Middle East and Europe 20 years ago. Hence, MENA Legal.

 Dr. Alexander Brexendorff – Metaverse News

MENA Legal proudly serves hundreds of new and current firms in the region. MENA Legal is the law company of choice for small and mid-size firms and major corporations entering the Middle Eastern market.

MENA Legal’s tech-savvy team has helped big titans like SAP succeed in the area.

MENA Legal was the first law firm in the region to offer guidance on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and the Metaverse.

MENA Legal helped build QuantoPay, the world’s first Global Digital & Blockchain Bank, and a Sharia-compliant, NFT asset-backed UAE racing car enterprise within the Dubai Metaverse.

MENA Legal is the first Middle Eastern law firm to open its headquarters in the Metaverse, where its experts can meet with clients for business and socializing.

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