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If you plan to invest in cryptocurrency in the year 2022 consider Metaverse coins. Most of them will be rising and provide you the best profits. (Or so we assume here at the editorial office at Metaverse News)

And why do we think so? Metaverse has given a new meaning to the cryptocurrency industry. Investing in cryptocurrencies has long been seen as a wealthy man’s game. These days, you can locate the top metaverse crypto 2022 to invest in. The Metaverse has grown in recent years, and its currencies seem to be dominating the crypto market. Mark Zuckerberg is already profiting from the market, and you can too. This page contains a list of metaverse coins that are most likely to explode in 2022.

What are Metaverse Coins?
What is it? Metaverse is the new way people engage with technology. It distinguishes between the digital and physical worlds using augmented, mixed, and virtual reality. Metaverse coins and tokens are virtual currencies that may be used to deal in Metaverse.

So far, so good. But they are just like the other cryptocurrencies. The only distinction is that they are all owned by the same firm. Defined as a virtual game universe, the SAND See more excellent metaverse crypto 2022 tokens below.

In no particular order, this list will help you identify the finest Metaverse cryptos to monitor and invest in for your financial future.

  1. (MANA)
    Decentraland is the most popular metaverse token and currency currently accessible. It is a $7.15 billion 3D blockchain-based coin. It lets users to own LAND and build up games, galleries, and casinos in the virtual world.

Because the Metaverse is built on the Ethereum Blockchain, you’ll need Ethereum in your wallet to use MANA. This crypto was released in February 2020. This token is now growing or doubling in value. Because numerous bitcoin platforms are being built.

Axie Infinity (AXS)
You can also invest in Axie Infinity Shards. In 2021, it was the most traded NFT collection, with a market worth of $5.82b. During that period, it amassed $2.08 billion. Axie Infinity is the biggest play-to-earn game, almost like Pokémon. The token may be used to trade, sell, and breed “Axies”.

AXS is becoming one of the most popular gaming cryptocurrencies. CoinMarketCap now values it at $95.62. Metaverse e-co The Binance exchange has it. But it’s also on FTX and Upbit.

  1. Theta (THETA)
    Theta Network is a video streaming network powered by Theta Fuel. Users may view videos and share them with others to earn Theta Fuel.

In addition to lowering delivery costs, the Theta Network can enhance subscription and advertising income.

Holders of this token can join the network. They can stake the coin and earn TFUEL for use in chain activities. Price: $4.68; Market Cap: $4.68 billion

  1. (SAND)
    The Sandbox is a valuable Metaverse currency with a lot of promise for this year. It is built on the Ethereum Blockchain and uses the SAND token as its native governance token for all network transactions. The Sandbox also contains two other tokens: LAND and ASSET.

LAND is the platform’s virtual real estate, whereas ASSETS are created by users or gamers. On this 3D Metaverse Ethereum-based Blockchain, players may trade LAND, play games, and receive prizes. The market cap is $6.1 billion and the price is $6.65.

You may also invest in GALA. Eric Schiermeyer founded the network on July 21st, 2019 and GALA is its principal governance token. Players may trade and hold virtual assets on the site.

This network’s major purpose is to elevate the gaming industry. It hopes to achieve this by producing fun blockchain games. The GALA may also be used to acquire in-game assets and NFTs. It is now $0.43 and has a $3.25 billion market value.

Solana, a lesser-known blockchain, has improved dramatically in recent years. Initially, CoinMarketCap did not track Solana prices, but starting in 2020, they did. A excellent project to monitor in 2022, the token displays tremendous price movement.

FTX, Raydium, Orca, Magic Eden, and more successful ventures run on the Solana platform. The Metaverse cryptocurrency now has a market cap of $59 billion and 308 million tokens.

Following and buying Metaverse coins for future benefits. There are so many Metaverse crypto purchase sites that you can easily obtain the currency you desire. Besides these, more Metaverse projects are being created. It is also prudent to know them to invest in the greatest Metaverse crypto 2022. Xosignals can also teach you about other cryptocurrencies.

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