Designing a VR children’s hospital

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PixelMax created a virtual radiology facility to reassure young patients.

Even for adults, a trip to the hospital can be scary. PixelMax, an immersive communication platform, devised a “hospital metaverse” to reassure young patients before visits.

Today, the business announced a partnership with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to construct a digital twin of the hospital’s radiology department. By familiarizing youngsters with the sights and sounds, they’ll be more comfortable during their stay.

Patients must gather luminous keycards strewn across the virtual hospital to access different areas. Patients can engage with X-Ray and MRI machines to learn how they work and earn virtual badges. The experience extends ALDERPLAY, the hospital’s digital education-and-entertainment platform.

“We’re excited to present the radiology department’s digital twin.” PixelMax co-founder Andy Sands is an NHS Innovation Scout committed to improving healthcare using technology. This project with Alder Hey exemplifies that. By creating an interactive 3D world, we hope young patients and their families will find hospital visits less intimidating.

Alder Hey Innovation Clinical Director Iain Hennessey: “We want to use innovative technologies to solve real-world healthcare difficulties.” PixelMax’s virtual worlds impressed us. It was a delight to work with a talented team to create an amazing reproduction of our radiography department, which we hope will engage, educate, and reassure visitors.

Immersive technology isn’t new for comforting and educating young patients. Children’s Health of Orange County (CHOCK) uses AR to accompany kids through an MRI scan.

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