Cryptocurrency fosters community

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Cryptocurrency fosters community. I’ve been in the crypto industry for 5 years and have formed deep connections and communities with individuals from six continents (There is not a very active crypto community in Antarctica, but have once met a researcher who often stays on Antarctica, which actually has both Bitcoin and ETH) That is the allure of this business. It has no boundaries, no national flags, and no established dogmas. Technology connects us together, and the Metaverse has a lot to offer us. One of them I am familiar with is the NFT artist Nite Owl from Oakland, California based artist whose expressive Owls explore colours and geometries and enter into the realm of “flatness.” A prolific artist whose signature owls jump off the canvas and engage the viewer. Whether a trail of stickers in the streets, large murals painted on walls or smaller works in galleries, Nite Owl’s works transfer the artist’s energy and intensity to the canvas.

Now I believe we should look at his new project.

All subsequent Ooools and their metadata will be housed on IPFS beginning with batch 5. The majority of the street stuff, like 97 per cent of it, vanishes forever. Releasing these ooool’s on the blockchain allows you to develop a body of work that will last for a long time.

Because these Ooools are launched on polygon x Opensea, there are no gas expenses! With the money you save on gas, you can purchase another Ooool or two. Each one costs 0.03 eth. To add one to your collection.

Nite Owl has been active since 2006 and can be seen in the streets and galleries of several major art markets, including New York, Paris, Tokyo, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Le hibou may be seen everywhere, from little stickers to fine art canvas to large-scale murals. Alternatively, the owl may be found everywhere. Now, establishing a presence within the metaverse. When you buy an Ooool, you are making an investment in the future of night owl as well as showing gratitude for previous efforts.


These are one-of-a-kind pieces with one-of-a-kind backgrounds. They are released in groups of ten, with each group containing a different species of Owl. And each owl has a unique colour scheme that may be matched with a backdrop design. Initially, the Ooools are manually sketched using a pencil and a Sharpie marker. then imported into Photoshop and digitally recreated to produce a crisp black lined drawing The colours and shadows are then applied. Finally, they are combined with patterns or visuals to form a complete composition and a completed “Ooool” The backdrops have largely been patterns, however, batch 5 includes a New York City motif.

He grew up there and recently visited the city, which prompted him to design many pictures that represent New York City, such as a metro card, subway station sign, I Love NY, corner store coffee, lottery tickets, and more. So far, he published a Horned Owl, two Eagle Owls, a Great Gray Owl, and a Burrowing Owl in batch 5. Each Ooool has unlocked stuff in high quality. PSD file that may be printed at 24″ × 24″ and framed for wall hanging. The file can also be used for collaboration and the creation of derivative artwork. Holders of Ooools will occasionally be awarded airdropped nft paintings. Now that batch 5 has been completed, a reward is on its way!

What benefits does NFTs give you as an artist?

NFT’s allow me to reach a sector or audience that I previously did not have access to. They are opening up new markets for my work. My owls have been spread across the globe on the streets and in galleries and now they are in the metaverse. I’ve always used digital tools for printing stickers and prints and now I am able to also use those same assets for nft’s.

And that was that. I am deeply fascinated by the art and the person behind it. I hope you will support this artist

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