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When the virtual and real worlds collide

You've probably heard that the Metaverse is on its way. But what

Annika Andersson

Marvel Is Developing Its Own Augmented Reality Game

In the Style of Pokémon Go, Marvel Is Developing Its Own Augmented

Alex Vartmann

What exactly is AI, and when should we be on the lookout for it?

You spend a lot of time discussing artificial intelligence, which is also

Alex Vartmann

The Robot Sophia Desired Human Annihilation

Sophia, the most renowned humanoid, was awarded Saudi Arabian citizenship in 2018—whatever

Alex Vartmann

The Potential of GameFi

Throughout its growth, the internet has influenced every area of our lives.

Alex Vartmann

The Prospects for Ethereum – Dive into Ethereum – Part 4

We here at Metaverse News are aware that you are well-versed in the crypto

Annika Andersson

Humans are not at risk from artificial intelligence

Humans are not at risk from artificial intelligence.A researcher says in this

Annika Andersson

Metaverse games and applications are certain to satisfy your needs!

As virtual reality (VR) and metaverse games enter the mainstream, an increasing

Alex Vartmann

Dreams of starting Metaverse business?

A piece of advice that would serve everyone who dreams of starting

Alex Vartmann

We are not Facebook’s pawns

The most concerning aspect of the Facebook/Meta-metaverse tale is that we have

Alex Vartmann

The Annoymous Video Against Bored Apes Is Almost Certainly Fake

Background On Bored Apes Smear Campaign Ryder Ripps and Pauly recently collaborated

ethan web3

So, What exactly is the Metaverse?

There is no clear consensus on how to describe the metaverse, but

Alex Vartmann