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The Annoymous Video Against Bored Apes Is Almost Certainly Fake

Background On Bored Apes Smear Campaign Ryder Ripps and Pauly recently collaborated

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So, What exactly is the Metaverse?

There is no clear consensus on how to describe the metaverse, but


The meetings of the future will be held in the metaverse – better than personal meetings

How has the corona crisis affected your life?  That was one of


In the year 2050

This leader is a slightly untraditional one of a kind because, in


VR can help education

Based on the scant study literature on the subject, Lasse Jensen of


Virtual reality in education

Virtual reality in education: a hyper, undocumented trend VR is advertised as


Why do so few people use virtual reality?

The struggle to encourage people to utilize virtual reality Why do so


Play-to-earn provide gamers with a digital identity

Metaverse News believes that in five years, all new game releases will


The metaverse will be dominated by high-street and high-fashion brands

Today's Metaverse News commentary is here for you to read. By 2030,


Actual Results in the Metaverse

People in the Metaverse can do whatever they can do in the


God has made his way into the metaverse

Despite the fact that God has invaded the metaverse, religious faith in


Do you have cash in your pocket? Consider Metaverse coins

If you plan to invest in cryptocurrency in the year 2022 consider