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Coca-Cola, Tomorrowland Launch AR Music World

Tomorrowland and Coca-Cola are two things that the editorial crew at Metaverse

Alex Vartmann

Meta Quest Pro features and pricing are known

A famous hardware expert leaked the latest Meta Quest Pro specs, dubbed

Annika Andersson

Price of Ethereum – Dive into Ethereum – Part 3

We here at Metaverse News are aware that you are well-versed in the crypto

Annika Andersson

Ethereum in comparison to Bitcoin – Dive into Ethereum – Part 2

Introduction To The Ethereum Dive Series Dear Reader, We here at Metaverse

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Dive into Ethereum – Part 1

We here at Metaverse News are aware that you are well-versed in

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Last year, Nike bought RTFKT Studios, and now something is brewing

The release of their new hoddies has been followed by Metaverse news,

Annika Andersson

Bored Ape Performance At VMA’s By Eminem & Snoop Dogg

Bored Ape Hit Single By Eminem & Snoop Dogg In June on

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Quest 2 Off-Ear Metaverse Headphones Have Been Revealed!

The $100 Logitech Quest 2 Off-Ear Headphones Have Been Revealed! Alex, the

Alex Vartmann

A Civilized Metaverse Weapon

ViR is the sleekest VR haptic rifle we at Metaverse news have

Alex Vartmann

Designing a VR children’s hospital

PixelMax created a virtual radiology facility to reassure young patients. Even for

Alex Vartmann

The Future of the Metaverse part 1

Every day, Jonathan at Metaverse News reads a number of fascinating articles

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Meta Retail Store Will Have A “First-of-Its-Kind” Simulation

Meta (previously Facebook) will launch its first store in Burlingame, California. Visitors

Alex Vartmann