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Ever wished you could build a Video Game?

Ever wished you could build a Video Game? Me too, so let's

Alex Vartmann

My Neighbor Alice’s in-game Economy

One of the aspects of My Neighbor Alice's vision that fascinates players

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The Sandbox Decentralized Metaverse Experiences

We have written a lot about Sandbox on Metaverse News, as it

Alex Vartmann

Meta Quest Pro features and pricing are known

A famous hardware expert leaked the latest Meta Quest Pro specs, dubbed

Annika Andersson

The Potential of GameFi

Throughout its growth, the internet has influenced every area of our lives.

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Metaverse games and applications are certain to satisfy your needs!

As virtual reality (VR) and metaverse games enter the mainstream, an increasing

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Stylish metaverse surfing

Upgrade your Ready Player Me avatar and play Hoverball on Metaboard. CARV

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Make metaverse avatars more inklusive?

DNABlock has raised $1.2 million to make metaverse avatars more inclusive. I must

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Virtual reality creates opportunities

Virtual reality in the metaverse creates opportunities. Would anyone buy a virtual

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Web3 will be the next stage of the Internet’s growth

Web3, the current buzzword, is almost certainly familiar to everyone who's heard

Alex Vartmann

Early stages of metaverse development

Aitken, Chief Marketing Officer at Ethernity Chain, a non-profit project that auctions

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Hundreds is rare, unopened Nintendo and Sega games discovered

Okay, I admit it. This isn't exactly related to Metaverset, but I

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