Bored Apes Are Getting Their Own Social Media Platform

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Bored Apes on Social Media Backstory

Unfortunately, in todays world people find ways to hack into social medias and promote scams from prominent accounts and then steal from innocent people. The Bored Apes have been victim to this as well on discord, instagram and twitter and founders of the bored ape yacht club have spoken and said that web2 tech isn’t web3 friendly in the sense it is not secure enough.

Why Bored Apes Are Getting Their Own Social Media Platform

In Web3 you are solely responsible for your own security and you are the only person that can allow any of your assets to be stolen. This means social engineering is the method of choice for criminals in Web3 so when they hack into web2 accounts ,that aren’t bulletproof security wise, then they can talk to the influencer or founders followers and trick them into thinking its a real net sale for example.

Founders took to instagram yesterday and announced an upcoming platform where announcements for bored apes and the rest if the Yuga eco-system could be verified. This will likely include some form of wallet logins on the admin side meaning only those with pre approved wallets can make announcements which means its virtually unhackable as web3 wallets can’t be brute forced.

Web3 Makes Web2 Security Look Outdated

These sort of platforms where wallet logins are the norm will likely become the norm in the following years as it is infinitely more secure than anything else widely and freely available to the public. We are building a better future that will be password-less but significantly more secure.

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