Bored Ape Yacht Club Announcement Could Be Imminent

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Bored Ape Yacht Club Hits 1 Million Followers

Today the bored ape yacht club hit 1 million followers today marking a huge milestone in the Web3 brands rapid rise to the top. Recently the official @BoredApeYC mentioned they would host a live twitter spaces AMA to mark this milestone and connect with the community. Many believe that an announcement could be imminent as it has been months since the last event for BAYC/MAYC holders, the next part of the roadmap also includes BAKC (dog companions) which has resulted in a sharp increase in the value of them with the hype.

The Roadmap

BAYC Roadmap 2.0

So far we are just before the trial of jimmy the monkey, the of 3 upcoming BAKC events indicated by the paw on the title of the events. There is very little info on what these events may entail but a leaked pitch deck, that correctly predicted the existence of Kodas, said we may see a P2E game including BAKC during the second part of the road map supposedly called Mecha Dogs Vs Mecha monkey invasion amongst other things. On this leaked pitch deck it was also timed for the trial of Jimmy the monkey to being during this month (August)!

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