Bored Ape Whale Sold $7M Ape Coin And Apes

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Bored Ape interview

Bored Ape Whale MachiBigBrother AKA Jeffrey Huang Sells $7 Million Of ApeCoin & Sells Apes

In a surprise move the famous Jeffrey Huang @MachiBigBrother has sold all his ape coin created by the Bored Ape Yacht Club & Ape Coin DAO

when asked to clarify his reasoning we were able to get a response in the members only area of the clubs discord channel in which you need a bored or mutant ape to get access to.

MachiBigBrother in the BAYC discord members only channel

One particular quote “maybe ill buy back in maybe not” will likely be a surprise to some as most considered him to be leaving the club as he has been selling rare mutant apes below what they should be valued at as such as this extremely rare 4 tier M2 Multi Grin Mutant Ape.


Machi then also went on to comment about a marketplace not getting the love he believes it deserves from the ape coin DAO.

we await further moves from Machi and are keeping a close eye, as is the rest of the yacht club, to see what he does next.

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