Books Written by AI: Is It Possible for Artificial Intelligence to Pen a Novel? Part 1

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Artificial intelligence is of great interest to us here at Metaverse News. True, we think the evolution of web3, AI, and crypto all work together and will contribute to the birth of the new metaverse, but that’s a tale for another day. This is the first post in a short series that will examine the benefits and drawbacks of using artificial intelligence in the realms of blogging and literature.

AI-Written Books
As early as 2017, one of the very first experimental books to be written by AI was published. An experiment conducted by Ross Goodwin, it was given the name 1 the Road. He wrote it as he was traveling by car from New York to New Orleans. Strangely, Google contributed to the funding for a portion of the project’s expenses.

Goodwin was accompanied by an artificial intelligence (AI) running on a laptop that was connected to a variety of sensors and whose duty it was to produce text. Goodwin did not change the writing before he returned home at the conclusion of the trip. He was even successful in securing a publishing deal with Jean Boite Éditions. Even though he thought the language was “choppy” and it was riddled with mistakes, he nevertheless wanted to save it so that others may learn from it in the future.

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The first line of the story is, “The time was 9:17 in the morning, and the atmosphere in the home was thick.”

Even if it wasn’t a masterpiece, Singularity Hub’s Thomas Hornigold claimed that “you could discern, in the occasional line, the flickering ghost of something like awareness, a higher knowledge.”

Even though there was no discernible structure or progression of events, The Atlantic’s Brian Merchant said that he finished the book in its entirety in a one sitting. On the other hand, he acknowledged that there were “some startling and unforgettable sentences.” Phrases such as “the sun is constantly wheeling out of a dark brilliant ground,” for example.

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As we go towards the metaverse, which includes the art of narrative as one of its components, the question arises as to what percentage of gaming or metaverse amusement will be created by AI. Possibly, each and every one of them. But should we be there already? When we look back on the future, will AI be responsible for authoring all of our novels, movies, metaverse lore, and gaming storylines?

And should this give us cause for concern?

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