BlockchainSpace brings 650,000 players to the Sandbox

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BlockchainSpace provides the Sandbox with its Network and 650,000 participants.

BlockchainSpace is pleased to announce an important collaboration with The Sandbox. BlockhainSpace will participate in the joint endeavor by connecting its 2,600 guilds and 680,000 players to the Sandbox’s virtual environment. It will demonstrate how the capacity to grow communities for NFT games will become increasingly crucial in the future.

BlockchainSpace presents itself as the metaverse’s guild hub. Virtual worlds will link millions of individuals globally, enabling them to mingle, play, and share enjoyable experiences. Additionally, players can establish groups or guilds, which necessitates the use of highly scalable infrastructure to ensure the best possible experience.

BlockchainSpace is responsible for providing the required infrastructure and scalable technologies. The team will bring its 2,600 guilds and 680,000 players to this expanding virtual environment through its relationship with The Sandbox. Additionally, the demonstrated commitment to community development and content production will become ingrained in one of the most major metaverse initiatives available today.

Native NFT games may leverage the Academies solution to create platforms that drive user growth and help them gain much more traction. More significantly, these platforms will benefit from BlockchainSpace’s guild architecture, which will let them to track player involvement and link them over a global high-performance network.

The Sandbox’s engagement with BlockchainSpace is unsurprising. Both teams collaborated earlier this year to grow the Philippine community, launch voxel NFT art contests, and construct the Sandbox’s first land experience devoted to the Philippines.

This experience is detailed and contains the following:

Kalesas and jeeps are used for transportation.
Investigating huge areas of animals and plants.
Dressed in period costumes.
All voxel elements will be made publicly available via the future PINASining: On The Sandbox, explore the Philippines NFT collection.

The renewed relationship will be focused on growing the Sandbox’s guilds and user base. Additionally, it serves as a great demonstration of BlockhainSpace’s guild infrastructure and network, as well as its ability to scale to projects on The Sandbox level. Scaling communities for NFT games is critical for establishing and increasing the metaverse’s appeal.

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Posted by Alex Vartmann
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