Blockchain Comics announce carbon-neutral comics on Immutable

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Blockchain comics, a new company on the NFT scene are looking to revamp the comic book industry using Immutable X as their blockchain of choice for their comic book NFT’s. Their first project Satoshi: Master of disguise utilizes Immutable X’s zero gas fees to mint their avatars and to subsequently mint their comics. 

Non Fungible Tokens are taking the world by storm. They are tokenized assets recorded on the blockchain to determine origin and authenticity. Recently ETH has been the go-to blockchain for NFT minting due to its security and popularity and huge secondary market. However, gas fees have been steadily increasing as the network becomes more and more congested over time. And this proves problematic in two ways. One; extortionate prices for buyers and two; extortionate carbon output from miners. More rigs needed to mine less Eth = more electricity needed. If the miner is not able to use renewables for this they turn to fossil fuels resulting in a greater carbon upset. The current trend of advertising seems to have clocked this and most blockchains now have some assurance that their technology is ‘carbon neutral. 

What does that mean for the comic book industry? 

Well not a lot on the surface. People will continue to buy physical comics, manufacturers will continue to use fossil fuels to produce them. Trucks will still use petrol to transport them and couriers cardboard boxes to carry them. However, with the new generation of tech-savvy youths maybe physical assets are a thing of the past. And this could be exactly where Blockchain comics come in. 

Blockchain comics are offering something a little different. A carbon-neutral interactive comic NFT minted on the immutable X blockchain. Utilizing the zero-fee immutable X blockchain, they can claim, if they so wish, that their project Satoshi: Master of disguise is one of the first carbon-neutral comics created.

A nice title and something not to turn a blind eye to. Satoshi: Master of disguise seems to fit perfectly within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, being that its protagonist has the same name as the elusive creator of Bitcoin. Furthermore, Satoshi is set in a world that closely resembles the times we live in, using satirical elements to mirror some of the biggest issues cryptocurrency faces today. It’s an interesting direction and if done right, could prove extremely popular with the wider cryptocurrency community. 

Comics will always have a special place in the world. Such graphic art and unique storylines have helped shape the lives of millions of people since their inception. It’s clear that Blockchain comics understand that, and want to bring such graphic novels to the next generation of online audiences. And, In this new age, it is encouraging to see companies such as Blockchain comics explore all the different opportunities that NFT’s provide. Furthermore, if they are carbon neutral and helping the planet, all the better for it.

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Posted by Alex Vartmann
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