Bandai Namco to Invest $130M in Metaverse

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Bandai Namco stated Tuesday that it will invest 15 billion yen (or 130 million USD) to create a “IP Metaverse” for its games.

The metaverse project’s three major aims are to link Bandai Namco with game enthusiasts, increase the value of Bandai Namco’s IP, and integrate each IP’s world into an interconnected universe known as the “ALL BANDAI NAMCO idea.” Bandai Namco also aims to invest 25 billion yen (216 million USD) on “groupwide IP initiatives” and new IP creation.

The metaverse is a permanent virtual world where individuals may engage with one other and brands. Disney, Epic Games, Microsoft, Facebook, and Square Enix are among the major firms jumping on board.

“We will create communities between Bandai Namco and fans through the IP Metaverse,” Bandai Namco said in its mid-term strategy presentation to investors. “We will focus on the quality of the relationships made through these groups and content. So we can optimize IP value in the medium to long term.”

In addition to its legendary games like Dig-Dug and Galaga, Bandai Namco’s catalog of IP includes the Dark Souls and Elden Ring series.

“One of our strengths is our ability to develop connections with both digital and physical aspects,” Bandai Namco added.

The 15 billion yen will go towards “data basis (data universe)” and “content creation.”

A metaverse is one of Bandai Namco’s three key initiatives for its digital business segment, it stated in its mid-term strategy.

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