Apple Rejects Epic Case: Will Not Postpone Payment Solutions

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Apple has refused to postpone the injunction from the ruling in the Epic Games v. Apple case that they have 90 days to allow iOS developers to direct their users to make in-app purchases outside of Apple.

Writes TechCrunch.

The ruling in the case from September 10, 2021 means that the app developers of a given app can in future link to payment solutions outside of Apple and thus avoid having to pay the tech giant commission of 30 percent. In addition, Apple may no longer prevent app providers from communicating with customers about payment outside of the internal payment system.

Epic – which among other things publishes the popular game Fortnite – appealed the verdict, as the judge ruled that Apple does not have a monopoly on the market for mobile games, and therefore Epic must pay compensation to Apple for breaking the company’s rules for purchases for three months in 2020 and apps.

Apple therefore wants the injunction to be postponed until this appeal is settled, which could take several years.

Epic Games has not commented on the matter.

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Posted by Alex Vartmann
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