A Civilized Metaverse Weapon

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ViR is the sleekest VR haptic rifle we at Metaverse news have seen.

Yanko Design saw the ViR controller, which has accurate force feedback and an ergonomic design. Tom Man Design created the equipment to provide an authentic shooting experience while looking good in your living room. The results are clear.

The ViR haptic gun’s sleek, compact appearance is inspired by PlayStation 5 controllers. The controller reportedly has a dynamic trigger and recoil-simulating actuators. When firing, you experience a genuine kick-back, much as with a real gun.

Front-facing stereo cameras and finger-tracking are also included. If you release the trigger, so does the virtual version. This may seem like a small element, but it may create or break game and app immersion.

Despite the controller’s outstanding technology, it may never be released. The website said the gadget will launch last year. No new information has been released.

I’d love to see more haptic VR gadgets. Location-based VR providers are offering new and better technology, while at-home VR accessories are few.

Visit tommandesign.com for more on this haptic gadget.

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Posted by Alex Vartmann
Web3 guru, and enjoys sugary liquorice.