Metaverse of intelligent NFTs

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A company that develops software called Alethea AI has recently been successful in raising $16 million in investment through private token sales. The funds are put toward developing their intelligent NFTs, also known as iNFTs, which are able to communicate, walk, and engage in conversation with other individuals in the metaverse. When you go to a casino in Decentreland in the future, there is a possibility that you will have a profound and thought-provoking discussion with an iNFT without even being aware of it.

Alethea is leveling up the functionality of NFTs by imbuing them with intelligence via GPT3. Arif Khan who is the founder of a company has convinced some of the biggest players in the market to support their vision of making the meta-verse more intelligent and creating the new internet version 2.0.

billionaire investor Mark Cuban is one of the main investors in the project, but also giants such as: investment firm Capital and Dapper Labs,

Mark Cuban is one of the main investors in the project

My personal opinion is that this is a very interesting development that we will see more and more of. Yesterday we were able to tell how NFT’s art project SnarkySharkz will soon open a visitor center in Decentraland, where the owners of their NFT can visit the center and become wiser about the sea and the environmental organizations that projects support. What if they are greeted by a talking INFTs who can show them around and with whom they can have a deep and meaningful conversation? See, the future is here already. It will be quite an exciting project to follow.

Our capacity as a species to not just consume media, but also create new meaning and myths through media, defines us as Homo Narrans. Meaning-making is not just a function of our humanity, it is an ontological Raison d’être of our humanity.

Arif Khan, Alethea AI
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