10KTF NFT? Everything You Need to Know – Part 1

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The 10KTF company first opened its doors for business on September 17, 2021, and its headquarters may be found in New Tokyo. Wagmi-san, a mythical world-famous craftsman who delights in delivering clients with airdrops, is the one responsible for its maintenance. And each and every one of us on the editorial staff here at Metaverse News is giddy with excitement about it right this very second!

What does 10KTF NFT stand for? Everything You Need to Know! Make yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy this review

About Wagmi-san
This NFT was more than simply a digital storefront for other well-known NFTs. This was a narrative that was taking place right in front of us. I am aware that this post is somewhat lengthy; nonetheless, seeing it might have a significant impact on your life. Let’s walk down the rabbit hole of this highly mysterious project together, which has major players like Gucci and Puma backing it up.

Wagmi-san’s Journey Recap – 2022 Q2

Users are able to generate derivatives of their current NFTs using 10KTF by selecting appropriate NFT collections from a wide selection of supplies.

Every accessory for the 10KTF game is a one-of-a-kind digital collectable, and it will only ever be made once. It provides holders of specific NFT projects with the opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind metaverse wearables. NFTs may be minted by collectors including high-top shoes, bags, socks, and even products created in partnership with Gucci.

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The project has developed into a large tale in which Wagmi-san plays the role of a store owner attempting to prevent a group of frogs commanded by Boss Toadz from forcing him to close his establishment.

Are you excited? Here are some official links so you can learn more about the project

Twitter (63.8K Followers): https://twitter.com/10KTFShop

Website: https://10ktf.com/

Discord (36K Members): https://discord.com/invite/h6Vwax7t5q

OpenSea (11.2K Volume): https://opensea.io/collection/10ktf

So this is part 1 of two you just read. In the next article, we will go deeper down the rabbit hole and look at who has the ability to create or mint items?

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